whats christian louboutins ethnic background On April 17, is Victoria Beckham (Victoria phenomenon), 39 years old birthday, let's review the fashion icon from the young teenager, to members of the spice girls, and fashion designer now along the way of history and fashion designs.
As early as in before putting as well-known designers, before she was married to soccer star David Beckham, even before she joined the spice girls, putting name also called Victoria Adams, she is the new rise of 17-year-old nun die. Then she has a plump figure, very "meat", hanging round doodle face innocent, cheerful smile, and now the slim figured and unsmiling formed bright contrast.
Revealed by a foreign website before the former spice girl Victoria Beckham famous salon, haven't become former spice girl Victoria before a full face of young, bloated shape, with noble "spice" was now. Don't know now see Victoria was covered in flesh of yourself will also don't know.
Before they were famous pictures, with some baby fat, strong arms and legs, like a very lovely sika deer. Weight loss after putting, chest also shrink, obviously have to do breast augmentation surgery. If you don't lose weight, actually putting the figure is pretty good.
Victoria Beckham (Victoria) phenomenon was a Spice Girls Spice Girls (), so also have "Spice girl Victoria" of the title. So the Spice Girls (Spice Girls) composite was once popular in the world, even always doesn't like pop songs of the British royal family are on their admiration. Dissolution of the Spice Girls Spice Girls), Victoria Beckham (Victoria) phenomenon began to fly alone, is Not to the an Innocent Girl, and so on. Can be seen from the she was wearing at the moment is good fashion sense.
On July 4, 1999, with the England soccer star David Beckham's phenomenon (David) get married.
Victoria and David met in April 1997, Beckham, happened to see the spice girls band concert video in the hotel, at the time, he pointed at the screen for the former spice girl Victoria Beckham is team-mate Gary neville said: "that is I want to marry the girl." Both at the beginning, it seems that young people can't walk to arrive together to fall in love soon.
Putting then in 2001 seems like bud silk, pink, and silk fabrics, and now, you won't find any a bit of lace on her body.
In 2003, putting it was already a member of the fashion, this photo for her and the supermodel Naomi Campbell, architect Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce.
D la gloria in 2003 MTV movie awards on white modelling lets a person remember.
In 2010, putting in his own design at New York fashion week.
But putting clothes what kind? Is similar to the style of putting, cool feeling without meaning smile face, meticulous smooth hair, of course some is putting a little tolerance,louboutin shoes for sale online clothes not so close, feel a little loose, so you can enjoy a slightly plump girl. As for the girls bag in his hand, is also putting love of that kind of type of Hermes, hale and hearty look that you want to buy?
Putting still does not forget fashion during pregnancy. To attend the royal wedding, elegant and decent clothes.
Hold her days of street snap.
See not hard, putting the style with age in change, from color, turning black and white and orange, or a large area of monochromatic. From design, more and more tight, concise.

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