where to buy authentic christian louboutin shoes online According to the British "daily mail" reported on April 25, India bihar candy balaam (Champaran) region was a mother and daughter of six men gang rape, are said to the attackers to "revenge", the son of a mother with a attacker's sister to elope, make its "bamboozled" home ".
According to local police, the attackers will be two victims of kidnapping, in the home of one of the attackers. Police believe that the mother knew her son and his girlfriend's hiding place, but didn't tell the attackers. Then, the mother and daughter gang-raped. Police said they arrested 36 hours after the crime the suspect.
Over the past few months, India happen frequently controversial, cheap shoes christian louboutin rape was widely criticized the police's ability to handle cases. After a 5 year old girl been gang-raped in new Delhi. Increasing abuse over the years, India, new Delhi earlier bus to push this issue to the forefront.

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