where is christian louboutin in paris Christian Louboutin captured the woman's heart is no longer enough, the next target timely capture heart of masculine men, new red sole shoes design is swashbuckling, let a man also can't refuse.
Red sole shoes is out of men's shoes! Recently, the world famous red sole shoes brand Christian Louboutin has launched its latest men's shoes series in the fall and winter of 2012.
In this book, with bases of nail is still a key design element, but respectively with the tall canister boots, low cylinder Slip On shoe, as well as create Loafers shoes of the new use case grain design. In addition, using blue leather make gentleman shoes also bring you freshness, plus gold zipper, also can play like a gentleman of carve patterns or designs on woodwork design effect, innovation of unique fashion.
Women love high heels like life a pair of red sole shoes should be not unfamiliar, Christian Louboutin will successfully women firmly bound water. Now, Christian Louboutin is going to a man heart is income. All kinds of red lining cloth, and black leather and shiny metal foil, it is Louboutin pairs of dangerous and beautiful men's shoes, a large number of rivets and shining simple sense is the biggest characteristic of Louboutin men's shoes, to attend evening party or perfect. This unique, men can resist the temptation?
Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is now the most popular in Europe and the music to say must belong to Justin Bieber, with dynamic dance, perfect song lovely appearance captured many young girl's heart. So, as long as the European and American markets with Justin Bieber LOGO imprint, it will no doubt fire. Justin Bieber's recent favorite dress is at the foot of the Christian Louboutin.
Hong Kong "the godfather" Wyman Wong, wear red sole shoes to attend fashion events in Hong Kong "the tide father" - Wyman Wong each occurrence will be flash, christian louboutin red bottoms attend the activities he wearing Christian Louboutin Freddy series, whole person humid fan, restoring ancient ways collocation umbrella and fur shawls, "godfather" philosophy of fashion is so simple!

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