where can i buy christian louboutin in london Part of America's Chainson group PELLE what MODA, founded in 2001, for the contemporary Chinese designers Jessie Chen built independent brand. PELLE what MODA all of the products, from shoes map, material selection to the dazzling ornaments inlaid type, each pair is Jessie with design team to develop and become. Among them, the most proud, Jessie is synchronous to the rhythm of the design and technology, the manufacture technique of the inheritance of accumulation, combined with a large number of handmade shoes details, let every gem and beads on the shoes are full of shoe masters skills precipitation for many years, at each juncture, turning the radian, perfection the luxury shoes appearance, copy is like for a woman opened the most secret and luxurious dream.
The original natural colors, become the core inspiration for this season.
Colorful feathers, flowers, a thread, a piece of rust, full of temptation of flavor, texture delicate fusion of bead string flash powder, texture clear serpent python skin and exotic chic the elements such as embroidery, qiu dong series. Fry dyed dark flower, wild animal cortex color, bright jewel tones, exotic spices for autumn/winter key elements.
Mysterious bright national wind returned to the stage.
Geometric totem pattern, bold and unrestrained tassel, magnificent gems and spices is tonal for American Indian nation wind back to the trailer, climaxes of fashion consciousness, with free inspiration and traditional spirit.
Interpretation of natural wild autumn story.
Decadent in color and texture more raw material, in a whole new way and the integration of exotic wind, and decorative details, baroque Fu art style. Sexy snake grain, dark metallic adornment element, classical embroidery, feather, wake up in the winter fashionable breath.
Calm self-confidence, stylish and chic city allure.
Concise and delicate cloth clasp and smooth linear profile of modern shoes, restore old school classic style, force, retro 50 s and 60 s personality bright leather, metal, rock, the doctrine of the mean black and white, enthusiastic red and navy blue between the extreme distinct personality and fashion style.
Sexy temperament of decadence.
Luxury and decadent interweave, extreme temperament in the glazed, that is about to drip colourfully instantly lit women enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained heart hidden already a long time. Mysterious purple, excited red, lake green, sapphire blue color and shiny metal form sharp contrast, lace and velvet material makes the decadent feeling of restoring ancient ways elements.
Gentle and romantic sweet whispers.
Sweet candy color ornament lonely street, cheap christian louboutin red bottom heels winter pale pink colored diamonds shine day and day and night; Elegant clipping, nostalgic twill coruscate gives eternal classic myths, 40 s, along with the gender, polite, let elegant deduce the feelings restoring ancient ways.